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Feb. 18th, 2006 @ 12:26 am
First, some background info
-6 inches of snow on the ground, mostly dry snow, gonna stay around for a while
-pretty cold, Friday was hi of 2, lo of -20, saturday was hi of 25, low of -5.
-Summit Hall is 3 years old
-I live on the third of four floors, A wing


830PM- In my room, Mike, Matt, Alex and I are all playing SSB and MK64. Matt is the best at SSB and Battle at MK, I own the VS mode. Alex is pretty good at SSB. Another Mike (let's call him Army) wants me to havemy window WIDE open. The weather is -15 at the time. I leave the window open until midnight. My room ends up unbearably cold, and Mike leaves after an hour, and the rest of us go down to Matt's room to play BF2 onPC and xboxlive after another 30 minutes of playing.

10PM-I need to drive Matt to a drinking party down the road, most ofthe members there are part of TKE (including Army). It's about -5 then, and the snow allows us to have only one lane on the street. I have no clue where the party is, as I was misinformed about where the party is (RamsPoint is pretty close to RamsVillage). Driving isn't that hard, as I'm accustomed to it by living in Fort Collins for over a decade. I finally drop Matt off, and go back to the Summit Hall parking lot.

1030PM- I return to Matt's room on the first floor, where Alex wasplaying BF2 on PC. I watch the end of the FX marathon of That '70s Show, and play BF2 on xboxlive. It isn't my cup of tea, but it's pretty fun anyway.


1215AM- I've had it with BF2, I part ways with Alex, who is l33ting BF2still. He grunts, I can only assume that he stayed playing that game in Matt's room for 2 more hours.

1220AM- I watch the end of Disc 3 of Simpsons Season 6. I got thealternative box, as the plastic Homer head is retarded. My window isstill open at this time. The disc ends, and I close my window. -12F.The only noticeable effects of the cold are a cold LCD on my laptop, atoe-numbing floor, and a sketchy DVD player, which reads Disc 4 pretty well (the menu is a bit odd during the first few minutes). I turn the heater to max, and I feel much better.

145AM- Disc 4 ends, I get ready for bed. I open the window one last time for some misty breath, and close the window. About -9F at thattime. I run out floss, no big deal.

225AM- Sleep! I prepare for a nice long sleep, where I anticipate 9 hours of rest.

708AM- Alarm goes off! But wait, this isn't any ordinary alarm! This is the fire alarm, which is quickly followed by some pounding on my door. I step out of my room, to see Alex and Army down the hall, and lots of water flowing out of the B wing room intersecting A wing. The water is flowing down A wing kinda slowly, but Army and Alex's room are one ofthe closest to the impending doom. We get told by the RA to put a towel in front of our door, and put on a warm jacket and shoes and head outside. I made the foolish mistake of only putting my ski jacket onover my jammies. So I'm outside with all the A3 wing residents and therest of the Summit Hall residents with billiard ball bottoms on. Everyone goes into the dorm across the street, and are put into the cafeteria there.

720AM- All the A3ers get a table, and sit around and talk until we're allowed to return to our rooms. Rumors begin to circulate that all of B3's water apparatti won't turn off.

745AM- All of Summit Hall is allowed to return to their rooms! Except A1-3 and B1-3. We wait more!

8AM- We're allowed to return to our floors, the cause of the waterproblem is confirmed: The water pipe in the corner of A3-B3intersection froze overnight, and broke around 7AM this morning. Thiswas the result of crappy construction. Summit Hall has 4 floors, but nocorner rooms. Thus, the pipes between 3rd and 4th floors at the cornershave no or too little insulation. All the other pipes in these corners on lower floors are fine, as they have corner rooms, and thus, sufficient insulation for the pipes.

810AM- I return to A3, to realize to my surprise that the water didn'tget to my room at all! It stopped 2 rooms before mine. Army's room got some water on the carpet, and had lots of water on the linoelum, but no damage was done. Alex, who was closer to the mess, didn't get anything more than some water on his linoleum. Some crazy sloping in the hall construction or something wacky. Luckily, CSU was prepared! They don't offer insurance that covers acts of water, like flooding! So they don't owe us anything! Bastards...

The hardest hit victim: A guy who moved in 2 weeks ago. His room intersected our A3 hallway, and his room got the broken pipe water rush. All his room is flooded up to 2 feet high. He has been relocated to another room in Summit apparently. Everything he had was hit by water. His own mom drove up to see everything was set straight!

I ended up showering in Matt's shower to be safe, and all of the guys previously mentioned start playing SSB and MK64 in Matt's room. I forgot to brush my teeth, not a good thing.

Fans have been going the whole day, the wet parts of the rug are still wet, even after 2 rounds of dry-vacuuming.

945AM- I go shopping with Matt and Mike, we end up buying 30 6-packs of assorted Safeway sodas, amounting to only $30!

1PM- I go to the basketball game with Alex. CSU has a 1 point lead with2 minutes to go, and we end up losing to UNLV 80-72. Bra-vo...

Oh yeah, it's gotten warmer. Now it's around 10F at 3pm!

As of right now, I'm watching Firefly. And it is booooring!

Sorry it isn't that comedic, but I don't care that much. Just wanted tobring up the interesting events that happened this past day!
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Colorado's Finest Jun. 14th, 2005 @ 02:04 pm
So I managed to play 3 hours of Frigate SA last night to no avail. The strat (bug throw first) is real fast if done properly, but the problem lies in the hostages: they escape almost never. I've been getting 3 to escape sometimes, but it's that damn 4th guy that hates shiny metal doors.

When I look back at my first day at playing GE Elite, I never thought I'd get this far. I'm still amazed that I can keep going! I wonder what would have happened if I never played GE at all, hmmmm.

It was a shame to see that I didn't make it into the contest this summer. I would have loved to win something like this, even if it was just a play-in. I look forward to hopefully getting in it next year, if it ever happens, and improving my image towards the anti-wiwf voters (i.e. most of Old School). I'm actually trying to sway some GE voters to vote for Fal, and have had some success. Let's hope he does the impossible against Youse!

I'd also like to say that the Old-School controls the contest. Every year, it gets bigger, and whomever they vote for, will win (Is "whom" proper grammar?).

I'm toning down my posting on the boards, so that my posts are less spammy than 6 months ago, and are more worth it. I wonder if I'll still be allowed into the 2000 posts club when I hit that big 2k (spammed my way to 1k easily...).

The n00b rivalry is doing great. I've added a few new guys to the mix (PSK, Reds, and Typosaur). Typo is honestly one of the best n00bs I have EVER SEEN. He's already in the top 60, and it took him about a month... I've also removed Shade and YE, since they've been inactive for too long.

Going to Germany on Thursday, back around July 14. I'll miss the summer NSa :( I'll make sure to win the winter one though

*Needs to pass Tim before he leaves*

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May. 14th, 2005 @ 11:09 am
Well, finals are done, my grades in rolling in, and I must say, that this is my highest GPA in school in general since 8th grade (4.0s). After my crummy first semester at CSU, I had this 2.89 which made me an embarassament to my family. But thanks to some awesomely nice teachers who make their finals half extracredit and grade very easy, copying answers on some homeworks outside of class, and, well, actually studying at the end (!), Managed to pull off a stunning 3.64 GPA for 2nd semester. This gives me a 3.25 overall, which is ok. I was also surprised to see that I was at the top of my 20+ student music theory II class in chord spelling quizzes. I have a foolproof plan to get 100's on those, every time. hehe

As for the summer, I'll be in Germany for a month from mid June to mid July. Then I'm off to Canada to see Matt, Alex, and hopefully Axel for our version of Canada '05.

As for the fact that I drink, it is true. It is not true that I drink excessively though. Recently, I was in an heated discussion about alcohol, and shared some of my experiences from over a year ago, and was branded with the title of an alcoholic. I'll have you know, the past 2 months have been dry, except for the end of school, in which case I celebrated with a beer. Before those two months, nothing major, seriously, beer a week, nothing else. And those experiences from a year ago, mixed drinks that got me hungover, from one party (not 20)! I've learned my lesson. Thank you, that's my rant.

Elsewhere, Goldeneye will soon be my life this summer. I really need to catch up to Matis. I was ahead of him for so long :(

Let's go Cubbies!

Elite's favorite.... something,

Mar. 31st, 2005 @ 10:44 pm
Howdy all

A bried update, beofre I never post for another 2 months again.

CSU is lousy, but that's another entry all to itself I'd like to tell you about April 8th.

Well, really, it started October 30th. Still in my Goldeneye days, I really wanted to get to know some of the students on campus that still played/enjoyed Goldeneye and/or PD. After some emails, I get in touch with the Live Life Late (late night organzation for students) coordinator. I give her my ideas, and she seems to be really sold on this awesome idea. We set a date, but we don;t advertise enough, so about 5 people showed up. Since there were lots of projectors, the students brought their xbox's and played Halo instead.

That was the practice round

Next weekend will be bigger, and better. After 2(!) months of planning, this idea of a video game get-together has turned into what could be an huge event.

The set up is as follows

HALO 2 Tournament:
People: teams of 4, preferably from frats
rounds: until there is one team left!
prizes: tba, but we have been getting replies from businesses saying they'll donate sound systems and other big expensive junk.
Playing: 4 xbox's networked together for 16 player, 4 team action.
Screen: Large Color Projectors
advertisements: ASAP!

When teams or groupies lose/get bored, there will be a seperate station that will have GE/PD/SSB/MK64 being played nonstop. It's a loser-out thing, but it's not for prizes, just fun time, like the all-nighters we did when we first got these games. I'll probably be at my controller all the time, so it'll frustrate everyone else :p The major problem with this station is the TV size. It's mounted on the wall, 7 feet up, and the screen is at most 24". Maybe we can find one more projector ;)

And finally, there will be trivial pursuit/game night in the "cafeteria" area, for the videogame challenged.

From what I've heard, the food is going to be great...

lengthy, my bad


P.S. I'm not done with GE yet ;)

Today Mar. 12th, 2005 @ 10:31 pm
I qualified for states in swimming. Well, actually, my relay team and I did. :P District championship were held today at Indiana University of PA, and there are only 2 disctricts in PA, namely east and west. West goes all the way out to State College area. I didn't do to well in my individual events, taking 25 out of 42 in the 50 free with a 24.18 (so sucky) and 21 out of 25 in the 100 free with a 53.25 (not good either). But then our 400 freestyle relay took 7th and they take the top 9 finishers to states. I was anchor and was so pissed off at my times before that I busted out a 52.38, shame I couldn't do that in the individual. So anyway, I'm headed to Penn State next Saturday for the televised state championships. :)
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Erm... oh yeah! The Gamer's Den! Check it out if you haven't yet:

» Spasm
Meh, I finally saw the doctors and apparently I have some infection in my throat so he gave me pills that haven't done anything yet but give me gas :( Hopefully I will be able to swim and run and lift again soon. I did nothing at all today because I am grounded since Thursday, heh...My friend and I skipped spanish class to go to the gym and play ping pong. The teacher who normally never has a problem with me turned us in for skipping and we both got one day of ISS. So yeah, my mom flipped out at home of course. I think I'll be off the hook tomorrow night. She took the mouse and keyboard to my computer, and my N64 and hid them, but I found them, lol. My parents are out to eat right now, so I have a had a bit of time to play GE tonight, but that just pissed me off, because either 1) I really suck and have lost all my talent, or 2) GE is gay. Or both. Probably both.

I got my SAT's back and was quite pissed off with my score, a whopping 1260. That's really shitty. I was going for atleast 1400. I got 700 on math and 560 on English. I guess I can't complain though, because I did better than all of my friends and people who are smarter than me (not too many, I'm 9th in my class) :) I don't know exactly where I went wrong on math; it was probably the comparison of 2 quantities, because I was sure I got everything else right. Still, 1260 is OK for my first time taking them. Now I will know what to expect on the next SAT. Oh wait. They're changing it. Fuck. In case you didn't know, they are adding a writing section to the SAT and chaning a few parts of the old section, so now it will be based on 2400 points. Damn, I guess I'll have to get a bad score on this one too.

I'm babysitting my 4 year old brother right now, Matthew. He's pretty sweet. Of course, I have to get him ready for bed now before my parents get home. Talk ty Later@!

» Blog numéro deux........HUNGOVER'D :-\
Well, what a weird term this is turning out to be. On the one hand, i couldn't be happier with the ways things are going.....i've met some amazing people, made great friends and have enjoyed university life to its fullest. Also i've had the chance to play in some amazing concerts....we did Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms last night with our college orchestra and it was the most astounding concert i've ever played in. If you don't know the piece.....try to listen to it. It blew me away....i felt so lucky to have played in it.

Also, Cambridge is an AMAZING city (or town, whichever you prefer). The architecture of some of the colleges is simply beautiful, and it is an overwhelming feeling when walking through a college or part of town that could be more than 500 years old. No wonder the place is crawling with tourists all the time :-s.

And of course with every high, there comes a low.....That low is W-O-R-K. I don't mind doing it...in fact i love my degree course....but i have had scant reward for it so far. I know I am just meant to get on with it, but my tutorials have been hell on earth in a lot of cases. The worst one actually came last term when i was accused by one of my supervisors of not taking a piece of work that he had set seriously, when in fact i had spent ELEVEN hours working for it. Asshole. As i said in my previous blog, i'm trying to work hard to get better, but I don't want to sacrifice everything else i am enjoying. I think i'm finding it hard to strike a balance.

Til Next Time.


P.S. vote me for POM :-p
» You can consider yourself counter-pwned, "Stacey"
This is an AIM conversation from a few minutes ago...

(00:40:22) Roar10031: The moose is loose in Montreal Are you not inclined to agree?

[Thinks... this person isn't on my AIM list. And that big number on his screen name suggests to me that it could be a spam bot of some kind, about to register that I'm an active name and feed spam to me... probably best hold off replying for now. (Also, I'm not American and I'm not watching the Superbowl, though I assume that is what this cryptic comment is referring to.)
Hmm. At this point I check the PDE AIM listings... someone from there MIGHT contact me out of the blue... but no matches. Then I Google for "Roar10031"...]

(00:41:40) Roar10031: is there something u want to know about me?

[Success! So I read the log...]

(00:42:40) stickmansam1024: Ah, you must be a bot
(00:42:45) Roar10031: Your not tlaking
(00:43:02) stickmansam1024: a bot who's programmed to be stupid, I see
(00:43:11) Roar10031: you are you, and i amm yself.
(00:44:18) Roar10031: is there something u want to know about me?

[Actually yes. I'm wondering if someone is pulling the strings remotely in real time, or if this thing is entirely on autopilot. But I doubt I'd get a straight answer to that question, either way.]

(00:44:36) stickmansam1024: not particularly
(00:44:49) Roar10031: ahh my computer keeps freezing on me!
(00:44:54) stickmansam1024: I like the faked "user is typing" business
(00:44:58) stickmansam1024: not bad

[...for the bot pretends to be typing its responses.]

(00:45:05) Roar10031: thats odd
(00:45:08) stickmansam1024: *wonders who's on the other end of this*
(00:45:14) stickmansam1024: hello, whoever you are!
(00:45:18) Roar10031: I'm stacey
(00:45:35) Roar10031: haha, FunnyMuffin.com has really funny pictures. have you ever been there?
(00:45:40) stickmansam1024: you do a pretty good job of programming a plausible teenage female AIM chatterbot
(00:45:57) Roar10031: im just sitting here being bored

[Thinks: about to link me to some random porn or rubbish? It's happened to me on ICQ a few times. Great. *rolls eyes*]

(00:46:10) stickmansam1024: I guess this must be the New Spam
(00:46:23) Roar10031: really?

[Then a brainwave strikes.]

(00:46:41) stickmansam1024: I wonder what would happen if I plugged your responses into Eliza?
(00:46:49) Roar10031: i would probably feel the same way lol
(00:47:22) stickmansam1024: just a sec, seeing if I can find an Eliza emulator online

[For Eliza is the first ever chatterbot: an insanely primitive one. Emulator is found, conversation begins now...]

(00:47:34) Roar10031: ;-)
(00:47:47) stickmansam1024: Please go on.
(00:47:58) Roar10031: o hcrap I forgot my dentist appointment :-/ lol
(00:48:09) stickmansam1024: Why do you say your dentist appointment lol?
(00:48:24) Roar10031: what? a person's not allowed to laugh these days?
(00:48:40) stickmansam1024: Does that question interest you?
(00:48:52) Roar10031: i'm not sure
(00:49:19) stickmansam1024: Does it please you to believe I am not sure?
(00:49:28) Roar10031: i dont mean to bother u but i found ure sn on my buddy list for reason
(00:50:13) stickmansam1024: Why do you say your buddy list for reason?
(00:50:21) Roar10031: do u think so?
(00:50:31) Roar10031: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now! GET EVEN! Have the bot talk to all your friends by visiting chattingaimbot.com

HAHAH! FAILURE! For I am the one laughing it up! Nice try!

Though I would quite like to know who it was who set this thing on me...
» (No Subject)
Hey, it's Trent. 1st blog and stuff. I go by TreAKAHotdog on the boards if you didn't know, etc.

I don't feel like giving a lot of background info, so here we go. I'm sick. I'm sick mroe than a lot of people. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. :) Ok, today was a pretty fun day. School wasn't bad, and 8th period the rumor of a fight between 2 people i really don't like and no one likes got to me, so about 70 or 80 people went to the spot (the spot was the Shriner's club paking lot, sort of like a banquet center, completely sealed off by trees). The fight actually happened, and it kept me entertained, hehe...Anyways, after that I lifted at the YMCA, and the dust floating around from the reconstuction aggravated my throat, and now it really hurts. I didn't go to swim practice tonight, I just needed some time to rest up. By the way, swimming is my main sport right now, I'm pretty good at sprint freestyle (I go 23.65 in the 50 and 53.28 in the 100) and I have a chance to qualify for states this year (I'm a junior in high school).

I go to school in Hermitage, PA, which is about an hour or so north of Pittsburgh. Hickory High School is the name of the school, and it's a pathetic joke. Two days ago, the latin teacher was fired for hitting on a freshman. The latin teacher has polio and is paralyzed from the waist down. He rides in a scooter. Wierd? Someone put a bomb underneat our spanish teacher's car awhile back. Well, enough about them. My grades are good, my favorite subject and the one I'm best at is math (calculus right now), and I'm 9th in my class at the moment. I find time to balance school, my sports (indoor and outdoor track, swimming, and soccer), my social life, and gaming stuff, which is pretty awesome. Of course, academics always come before gaming, but sports come before academics, because I know how to work the school system. :p

I take the SAT's tomorrow, and I have a dance later that night. Should be a fun day for the most part. Until then, I'm gonna lay around tonight, maybe play some GE, and sleep. Later.

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