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Hey, it's Trent. 1st blog and stuff. I go by TreAKAHotdog on the boards if you didn't know, etc.

I don't feel like giving a lot of background info, so here we go. I'm sick. I'm sick mroe than a lot of people. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. :) Ok, today was a pretty fun day. School wasn't bad, and 8th period the rumor of a fight between 2 people i really don't like and no one likes got to me, so about 70 or 80 people went to the spot (the spot was the Shriner's club paking lot, sort of like a banquet center, completely sealed off by trees). The fight actually happened, and it kept me entertained, hehe...Anyways, after that I lifted at the YMCA, and the dust floating around from the reconstuction aggravated my throat, and now it really hurts. I didn't go to swim practice tonight, I just needed some time to rest up. By the way, swimming is my main sport right now, I'm pretty good at sprint freestyle (I go 23.65 in the 50 and 53.28 in the 100) and I have a chance to qualify for states this year (I'm a junior in high school).

I go to school in Hermitage, PA, which is about an hour or so north of Pittsburgh. Hickory High School is the name of the school, and it's a pathetic joke. Two days ago, the latin teacher was fired for hitting on a freshman. The latin teacher has polio and is paralyzed from the waist down. He rides in a scooter. Wierd? Someone put a bomb underneat our spanish teacher's car awhile back. Well, enough about them. My grades are good, my favorite subject and the one I'm best at is math (calculus right now), and I'm 9th in my class at the moment. I find time to balance school, my sports (indoor and outdoor track, swimming, and soccer), my social life, and gaming stuff, which is pretty awesome. Of course, academics always come before gaming, but sports come before academics, because I know how to work the school system. :p

I take the SAT's tomorrow, and I have a dance later that night. Should be a fun day for the most part. Until then, I'm gonna lay around tonight, maybe play some GE, and sleep. Later.

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