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Howdy all A bried update, beofre I never post for another 2 months… - The-Elite.net @ LiveJournal

About Howdy all A bried update, beofre I never post for another 2 months…

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Howdy all

A bried update, beofre I never post for another 2 months again.

CSU is lousy, but that's another entry all to itself I'd like to tell you about April 8th.

Well, really, it started October 30th. Still in my Goldeneye days, I really wanted to get to know some of the students on campus that still played/enjoyed Goldeneye and/or PD. After some emails, I get in touch with the Live Life Late (late night organzation for students) coordinator. I give her my ideas, and she seems to be really sold on this awesome idea. We set a date, but we don;t advertise enough, so about 5 people showed up. Since there were lots of projectors, the students brought their xbox's and played Halo instead.

That was the practice round

Next weekend will be bigger, and better. After 2(!) months of planning, this idea of a video game get-together has turned into what could be an huge event.

The set up is as follows

HALO 2 Tournament:
People: teams of 4, preferably from frats
rounds: until there is one team left!
prizes: tba, but we have been getting replies from businesses saying they'll donate sound systems and other big expensive junk.
Playing: 4 xbox's networked together for 16 player, 4 team action.
Screen: Large Color Projectors
advertisements: ASAP!

When teams or groupies lose/get bored, there will be a seperate station that will have GE/PD/SSB/MK64 being played nonstop. It's a loser-out thing, but it's not for prizes, just fun time, like the all-nighters we did when we first got these games. I'll probably be at my controller all the time, so it'll frustrate everyone else :p The major problem with this station is the TV size. It's mounted on the wall, 7 feet up, and the screen is at most 24". Maybe we can find one more projector ;)

And finally, there will be trivial pursuit/game night in the "cafeteria" area, for the videogame challenged.

From what I've heard, the food is going to be great...

lengthy, my bad


P.S. I'm not done with GE yet ;)
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