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So I managed to play 3 hours of Frigate SA last night to no avail. The strat (bug throw first) is real fast if done properly, but the problem lies in the hostages: they escape almost never. I've been getting 3 to escape sometimes, but it's that damn 4th guy that hates shiny metal doors.

When I look back at my first day at playing GE Elite, I never thought I'd get this far. I'm still amazed that I can keep going! I wonder what would have happened if I never played GE at all, hmmmm.

It was a shame to see that I didn't make it into the contest this summer. I would have loved to win something like this, even if it was just a play-in. I look forward to hopefully getting in it next year, if it ever happens, and improving my image towards the anti-wiwf voters (i.e. most of Old School). I'm actually trying to sway some GE voters to vote for Fal, and have had some success. Let's hope he does the impossible against Youse!

I'd also like to say that the Old-School controls the contest. Every year, it gets bigger, and whomever they vote for, will win (Is "whom" proper grammar?).

I'm toning down my posting on the boards, so that my posts are less spammy than 6 months ago, and are more worth it. I wonder if I'll still be allowed into the 2000 posts club when I hit that big 2k (spammed my way to 1k easily...).

The n00b rivalry is doing great. I've added a few new guys to the mix (PSK, Reds, and Typosaur). Typo is honestly one of the best n00bs I have EVER SEEN. He's already in the top 60, and it took him about a month... I've also removed Shade and YE, since they've been inactive for too long.

Going to Germany on Thursday, back around July 14. I'll miss the summer NSa :( I'll make sure to win the winter one though

*Needs to pass Tim before he leaves*

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