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About First, some background info -6 inches of snow on the ground, mostly…

Previous Entry Feb. 18th, 2006 @ 12:26 am
First, some background info
-6 inches of snow on the ground, mostly dry snow, gonna stay around for a while
-pretty cold, Friday was hi of 2, lo of -20, saturday was hi of 25, low of -5.
-Summit Hall is 3 years old
-I live on the third of four floors, A wing


830PM- In my room, Mike, Matt, Alex and I are all playing SSB and MK64. Matt is the best at SSB and Battle at MK, I own the VS mode. Alex is pretty good at SSB. Another Mike (let's call him Army) wants me to havemy window WIDE open. The weather is -15 at the time. I leave the window open until midnight. My room ends up unbearably cold, and Mike leaves after an hour, and the rest of us go down to Matt's room to play BF2 onPC and xboxlive after another 30 minutes of playing.

10PM-I need to drive Matt to a drinking party down the road, most ofthe members there are part of TKE (including Army). It's about -5 then, and the snow allows us to have only one lane on the street. I have no clue where the party is, as I was misinformed about where the party is (RamsPoint is pretty close to RamsVillage). Driving isn't that hard, as I'm accustomed to it by living in Fort Collins for over a decade. I finally drop Matt off, and go back to the Summit Hall parking lot.

1030PM- I return to Matt's room on the first floor, where Alex wasplaying BF2 on PC. I watch the end of the FX marathon of That '70s Show, and play BF2 on xboxlive. It isn't my cup of tea, but it's pretty fun anyway.


1215AM- I've had it with BF2, I part ways with Alex, who is l33ting BF2still. He grunts, I can only assume that he stayed playing that game in Matt's room for 2 more hours.

1220AM- I watch the end of Disc 3 of Simpsons Season 6. I got thealternative box, as the plastic Homer head is retarded. My window isstill open at this time. The disc ends, and I close my window. -12F.The only noticeable effects of the cold are a cold LCD on my laptop, atoe-numbing floor, and a sketchy DVD player, which reads Disc 4 pretty well (the menu is a bit odd during the first few minutes). I turn the heater to max, and I feel much better.

145AM- Disc 4 ends, I get ready for bed. I open the window one last time for some misty breath, and close the window. About -9F at thattime. I run out floss, no big deal.

225AM- Sleep! I prepare for a nice long sleep, where I anticipate 9 hours of rest.

708AM- Alarm goes off! But wait, this isn't any ordinary alarm! This is the fire alarm, which is quickly followed by some pounding on my door. I step out of my room, to see Alex and Army down the hall, and lots of water flowing out of the B wing room intersecting A wing. The water is flowing down A wing kinda slowly, but Army and Alex's room are one ofthe closest to the impending doom. We get told by the RA to put a towel in front of our door, and put on a warm jacket and shoes and head outside. I made the foolish mistake of only putting my ski jacket onover my jammies. So I'm outside with all the A3 wing residents and therest of the Summit Hall residents with billiard ball bottoms on. Everyone goes into the dorm across the street, and are put into the cafeteria there.

720AM- All the A3ers get a table, and sit around and talk until we're allowed to return to our rooms. Rumors begin to circulate that all of B3's water apparatti won't turn off.

745AM- All of Summit Hall is allowed to return to their rooms! Except A1-3 and B1-3. We wait more!

8AM- We're allowed to return to our floors, the cause of the waterproblem is confirmed: The water pipe in the corner of A3-B3intersection froze overnight, and broke around 7AM this morning. Thiswas the result of crappy construction. Summit Hall has 4 floors, but nocorner rooms. Thus, the pipes between 3rd and 4th floors at the cornershave no or too little insulation. All the other pipes in these corners on lower floors are fine, as they have corner rooms, and thus, sufficient insulation for the pipes.

810AM- I return to A3, to realize to my surprise that the water didn'tget to my room at all! It stopped 2 rooms before mine. Army's room got some water on the carpet, and had lots of water on the linoelum, but no damage was done. Alex, who was closer to the mess, didn't get anything more than some water on his linoleum. Some crazy sloping in the hall construction or something wacky. Luckily, CSU was prepared! They don't offer insurance that covers acts of water, like flooding! So they don't owe us anything! Bastards...

The hardest hit victim: A guy who moved in 2 weeks ago. His room intersected our A3 hallway, and his room got the broken pipe water rush. All his room is flooded up to 2 feet high. He has been relocated to another room in Summit apparently. Everything he had was hit by water. His own mom drove up to see everything was set straight!

I ended up showering in Matt's shower to be safe, and all of the guys previously mentioned start playing SSB and MK64 in Matt's room. I forgot to brush my teeth, not a good thing.

Fans have been going the whole day, the wet parts of the rug are still wet, even after 2 rounds of dry-vacuuming.

945AM- I go shopping with Matt and Mike, we end up buying 30 6-packs of assorted Safeway sodas, amounting to only $30!

1PM- I go to the basketball game with Alex. CSU has a 1 point lead with2 minutes to go, and we end up losing to UNLV 80-72. Bra-vo...

Oh yeah, it's gotten warmer. Now it's around 10F at 3pm!

As of right now, I'm watching Firefly. And it is booooring!

Sorry it isn't that comedic, but I don't care that much. Just wanted tobring up the interesting events that happened this past day!
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