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Sam Hughes, bowing to trends? You MUST be 'shrooming - The-Elite.net @ LiveJournal

About Sam Hughes, bowing to trends? You MUST be 'shrooming

Previous Entry Sam Hughes, bowing to trends? You MUST be 'shrooming Feb. 4th, 2005 @ 06:31 pm Next Entry

ZARQUON. I don't know if it's just because it's been around for ages and all of the millions of users are just used to it, or they all use this magical Semagic program which Come keeps going on about (great if you have lots of journals to manage. I have ONE, and I'm not filling my comp with anything more than I need to), but the LiveJournal website is a FRICKING SWAMP and they NEED TO BE TOLD. For example. When I go to theelitedotnet's journal page (Tangent: light orange on light grey doesn't work, guys! Fix it!), there is no option ANYWHERE which allows me to post a new message to it. I'm logged in, I'm an approved community member, why is this BASIC functionality not right there? It took me five minutes futile browsing to find this page. Turns out you have to post via the user info page. THAT makes sense. You also have to do it by clicking a totally anonymous icon whose function is only revealed when you mouseover it. Brilliant (for the record, mouseover text was implemented into HTML specifically so that it only appeared when the picture itself was unavailable - or for partially sighted individuals, using a browser which interprets things as speech, where the alternate text would be read out instead). Same problem on my personal page. There is no option anywhere for me to post a new entry from that page. And no route back to the LJ main page. Oh wait, yes there is, but it's marked "About LJ", so I naturally ignored it initially, assuming it would just take me to an FAQ page of some kind. The menu at the top of the main LJ page requires careful mouse-navigation to hit the right option, which is stupid and can only get more annoying the more you try to use it to browse quickly. The default layout for your journal page is disgustingly ugly. Yes, you can change it - I stared at the settings page for a few seconds before deciding it was about a ten-thousandth as useful as it's opposite number on your Ezboard forum control panel, and checking the FAQ, which if anything is even worse-explained. Yes, you can change it, but you shouldn't have to. It should look at least presentable, it should at least be navigable by default.

The fact that they need a big sign saying "THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU TYPE YOUR JOURNAL ENTRIES, MUMPHEADS" by the custom style settings box says everything you really need to know about the out-of-the-box intuitive usability of LJ. It sucks, and there's no excuse. My site is better.

Ranting is fun.

Anyway. I guess it's kind of traditional to talk about oneself at this point. I left the Elite boards in, if I remember rightly, April last year. Didn't bother making a big fuss, one day I just quietly stopped posting. I don't know how long it was before anybody noticed but I've got a whole lot done in the meantime. I shifted all my PD and GE data off GeoCities and onto a new site without any ads where I have greater control, and uploaded a metric tonne of new stuff besides. I wrote a lot, drew a lot, participated in a colossal civil flamewar on another forum against an individual named Vega about (and against) whom I could rant for decades. Wrote up the final chapter of my web comic and ended it. Took over the prestigious Where Is Springfield? file at snpp.com. Got a 2:1 in my second-year exams.

None of this is in chronological order, by the way.

But you know, nostalgia starts to kick in after a while. Many of you will know I started frequenting the AIM chat room. I did say I formally quit competitive videogaming but my interest was piqued again when I got inexorably drawn into masterminding optimal routes and miscellaneous shortcuts for Mike "TSA" Damiani's Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time world record run. That project was good fun and TwinGalaxies' bounty for beating the same game, this time with 100 skulltulas and the Mask of Truth, has incited me to begin preliminary planning for an attempt of my own. The closing date is the end of this year, so I'll be making the attempt in Summer if anything... Finals are at the end of this academic year, so I have far too much work to do to spend a solid week playing Zelda any earlier than that. Anyway the point I'm making is I've been drawn back to the Elite. I stopped even reading the boards for the longest time but I read frequently now. I don't ever plan to play GE or PD again, I hit my limits in those games two years ago, but you know, there are newer games out there. Just because I can't play that well doesn't mean I can't strategize. So, yes. At some point I will start posting again. That "Most missed former regular" award pretty much sealed that. I'm just waiting for the right moment.

There are other machinations (within and without the Elite) occurring at the moment, but it looks like I'm out of time...

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Date:February 4th, 2005 09:52 pm (UTC)
Jon and I are both far too lazy to fix the shittyness of the elite's LJ style... I made it in about 4 minutes at 3:30am when I created it, so yeah.. if you wanna play with it, just tell me and I'll give you the power to.
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