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Sam Hughes, bowing to trends? You MUST be 'shrooming Feb. 4th, 2005 @ 06:31 pm

ZARQUON. I don't know if it's just because it's been around for ages and all of the millions of users are just used to it, or they all use this magical Semagic program which Come keeps going on about (great if you have lots of journals to manage. I have ONE, and I'm not filling my comp with anything more than I need to), but the LiveJournal website is a FRICKING SWAMP and they NEED TO BE TOLD. For example. When I go to theelitedotnet's journal page (Tangent: light orange on light grey doesn't work, guys! Fix it!), there is no option ANYWHERE which allows me to post a new message to it. I'm logged in, I'm an approved community member, why is this BASIC functionality not right there? It took me five minutes futile browsing to find this page. Turns out you have to post via the user info page. THAT makes sense. You also have to do it by clicking a totally anonymous icon whose function is only revealed when you mouseover it. Brilliant (for the record, mouseover text was implemented into HTML specifically so that it only appeared when the picture itself was unavailable - or for partially sighted individuals, using a browser which interprets things as speech, where the alternate text would be read out instead). Same problem on my personal page. There is no option anywhere for me to post a new entry from that page. And no route back to the LJ main page. Oh wait, yes there is, but it's marked "About LJ", so I naturally ignored it initially, assuming it would just take me to an FAQ page of some kind. The menu at the top of the main LJ page requires careful mouse-navigation to hit the right option, which is stupid and can only get more annoying the more you try to use it to browse quickly. The default layout for your journal page is disgustingly ugly. Yes, you can change it - I stared at the settings page for a few seconds before deciding it was about a ten-thousandth as useful as it's opposite number on your Ezboard forum control panel, and checking the FAQ, which if anything is even worse-explained. Yes, you can change it, but you shouldn't have to. It should look at least presentable, it should at least be navigable by default.

The fact that they need a big sign saying "THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU TYPE YOUR JOURNAL ENTRIES, MUMPHEADS" by the custom style settings box says everything you really need to know about the out-of-the-box intuitive usability of LJ. It sucks, and there's no excuse. My site is better.

Ranting is fun.

Anyway. I guess it's kind of traditional to talk about oneself at this point. I left the Elite boards in, if I remember rightly, April last year. Didn't bother making a big fuss, one day I just quietly stopped posting. I don't know how long it was before anybody noticed but I've got a whole lot done in the meantime. I shifted all my PD and GE data off GeoCities and onto a new site without any ads where I have greater control, and uploaded a metric tonne of new stuff besides. I wrote a lot, drew a lot, participated in a colossal civil flamewar on another forum against an individual named Vega about (and against) whom I could rant for decades. Wrote up the final chapter of my web comic and ended it. Took over the prestigious Where Is Springfield? file at snpp.com. Got a 2:1 in my second-year exams.

None of this is in chronological order, by the way.

But you know, nostalgia starts to kick in after a while. Many of you will know I started frequenting the AIM chat room. I did say I formally quit competitive videogaming but my interest was piqued again when I got inexorably drawn into masterminding optimal routes and miscellaneous shortcuts for Mike "TSA" Damiani's Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time world record run. That project was good fun and TwinGalaxies' bounty for beating the same game, this time with 100 skulltulas and the Mask of Truth, has incited me to begin preliminary planning for an attempt of my own. The closing date is the end of this year, so I'll be making the attempt in Summer if anything... Finals are at the end of this academic year, so I have far too much work to do to spend a solid week playing Zelda any earlier than that. Anyway the point I'm making is I've been drawn back to the Elite. I stopped even reading the boards for the longest time but I read frequently now. I don't ever plan to play GE or PD again, I hit my limits in those games two years ago, but you know, there are newer games out there. Just because I can't play that well doesn't mean I can't strategize. So, yes. At some point I will start posting again. That "Most missed former regular" award pretty much sealed that. I'm just waiting for the right moment.

There are other machinations (within and without the Elite) occurring at the moment, but it looks like I'm out of time...

Feb. 4th, 2005 @ 09:13 am
Testing my blog, it hasn't been posting at theelitedotnet recently :(
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

Downloads and life! Feb. 2nd, 2005 @ 01:35 pm
Well here we go, my first Live Journal post here on the-elite.net! What do i have to say? Well firstly the Royal Rumble which happened this past sunday. For some reason my sky box office would not order the PPV so i was unable to watch it but then Come posted a link into the chat room which enabled me to download the whole PPV. However, at the time of writing the download seems to be down i am only 75% through part 1.

Now life as it is, is great! I am currently enjoying a week off from work, away from all that stress. It feels great waking up to a new day without having to go to work or anything and now i have the time to get things done which i haven't been able to during my working week. Plus this week i get to spend a lot more time with my lovely girlfriend who i love so much, she oftentimes comes into chat to say hello(Toryeeyore)!

Doncaster Rovers! Yes i know i go on about them all the time, but it was only 2 years ago when we were playing in Non - League! That means we were a very poor side until a golden goal in the Conference Play-Off Final took us back into the Football League and then in our first season back we won the 3rd Division championship and now currently sit 10th in League One! Thats just 2 leagues below the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United. We travel to Torquay on saturday in need of 3 points to push us into those play-offs places, so come on you reds!!!

Fal Out!

My first blog....... Jan. 23rd, 2005 @ 10:51 pm
my first journal entry for the elite!!! in case you don't know me, i'm Adam and I go under the name of Durkmeister on the boards. I suck at all things related to video games (but I have cracked the top 100 in GE :-p - i have one good time - Train 00 225!!!) but i've met loads of cool people on the boards and over AIM - particular mentions to Alex, Tom, Axel and Wouter ;-)
So yeah, a bit about me. I live in the North East, home of the world-famous Newcastle Brown Ale and a reasonable football team (better than Doncaster anyway :-p ), but I currently live in Cambridge as a student, studying for a music degree. I feel completely overwhelmed on an almost daily basis here and i can't help but feel a sense of inadequacy and stupidity on a day to day basis. The city itself is fascinating, but I am yet to settle thoroughly into student life and get homesick quite often.
Today has been one of the most unproductive of my life. Not only did I suffer the fallout of an awful tutorial yesterday, i did nothing of any note whatsoever (unless you call completing AF1 PA an achievement). My only event was receiving my work back and seeing that something that had taken me literally hours and hours to do was worth a 2:2 in degree terms - not at all what i was expecting of myself or of my work. I'm going to have to suspend a social life for a while to try and work myself up to a decent standard of work - i'm thinking, outside of lectures, about 7 hours a day. And that's for a 2:1. Up that to 8 or 9 hours for a first. I seem to lack basic understanding of some of the foundations of my degree course...it's going to take me a long time to gain these skills (almost like a remedial course, in effect).
Anyway, hope I didn't depress you all too much....uni life is great, and I hope these problems will pass. 'Til Next Time :-p

Current Mood: discontentdiscontent

Jan. 23rd, 2005 @ 11:18 pm
Yesterday we woke up early (eg. 7:30) to go fishing. The place we went to is about 110km away, in the middle of no where. You're driving along a long boring road between towns, then take a turn down a dirt track... and BAM, a lake. Actually, two lakes. They were pumping water from one lake into a another because a river which stops in the full lake was flowing more than usual. Apparently both lakes should be almost full when they're done, which is quite surprising when it's in the middle of no where and water is scarce.

But enough about scenery. We found a nice tree near some sand and unloaded some gear, then went to put the boat in the water but found the car was bogged in the sand. It's not a 4WD, but we got it out in 10 mins by ourselves. Boat went in water, went back to camp and unpacked some stuff/drank coke. I put on some sunscreen but still got burned on my knees (I discovered my shorts lift up when I sit down). The first time we started the motor it took about 30-45 minutes to start. That wasn't so bad, except our boat started drifting downstream despite being anchored. I had to hold on to a tree branch until we finally got the motor started.

We discovered our motor problems continued through the trip. We'd recently got new parts replaced on it and it was working like a charm when they gave it back to us, but it just didn't want to work on this trip. Other people caught loads of fish in the current where the water was being let in, so we fished there. Out of the whole trip, we caught a total of 4 fish, 3 of which were too small to cook and eat, so we threw them back. Our plan was to sleep in swags under the stars, but dad started getting attacked by mozzies (mosquitos) so he pitched the tent and slept in that. But not before bringing me out of my almost-asleep daze to tell me, to which I proceeded to be bitten my mozzies as well. I just put on more insect repellent and fell asleep. Repel, damn you!

In the morning another family arrived and set up camp near us. We went fishing, and when we came back there was no trace of them or their camping gear. Weird. Must have decided to go somewhere else. Come midday, we packed up and left. I drove home, unpacked some stuff and started internetting as usual. Speaking of which, this is a new subject so I should start a new paragraph.

Ah, much better. 1.5Mbit still hasn't happened, despite my ISP stating that my current billing period ends today (if that means anything). We shall see what it says after the stroke of midnight. Apparently Matt's captured all Greg's vids but hasn't been online to distribute them. Figures. He also needs to give me feedback on my updater-o-pwn. Also, Trent got 1:30 Extraction SA which will be uploaded, but I haven't seen him online to get the vid. I should check if Bcks has it. I've started work on the Super Smash Bros. 64 updater for Vulpex, but I've hit a snag (pun intended) and need more info from him before I can continue.

Hey... I just realised I need to updater this journal before 12:00 every night, or it will say I've skipped a day or double-journaled one. I guess I'll try and update before midnights, as 12 seems to be a normal bedtime for me when I'm not on holidays. Speaking of which, TAFE enrolments are on this Thursday and Friday (27th/28th). Also, I'm using Semagic to update this now instead of the LiveJournal site. This is a lot more easy to navigate than LJ, as well as the added feature of being able to save your update as a file for later continuation. Quite handy indeed.

Let's see if I can get this to post in theelitedotnet community as well as my blog...
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» omg wow
So today was the evening I found out what a buzz was. Normally I'm a guy that avoids the booze, but when I'm up late and everyone's asleep, I sometimes decide to raid the liquor cabinet. So I see an open bottle of my grandmother's fruit schnapz, and decide to mix it into some Tab cola (omg, Tab is the craziest, oldest form of Coke I've ever heard of. It's that caffeine free, diet Coke...Coke. But it has a weird aftertaste. It's rare to find, but anyway...). The booze is 42%, but I mix in a good amount, after two cans of tab mixed with the hard stuff, my entire body felt heavy. I tried getting up. It was the weirdest sensation I've ever experienced. My head felt heavy, it moved to side some times, I felt my balance go awry a bit. A part of me thought my reflexes were supercharged, but then I noticed that my footing was off more often than normal. This was the oddest experience drinking, ever (n00b ;) )

When I stopped the drinking, I was like omg this is so cool. But scary stories of Matt Kazuk have thwarted my attempts of repeating my actions. But now I know what a buzz is, and I can see why people like reaching this state of "inebriation." If my parents knew, they'd flip out. Hopefully I know better soon.

In other news, I'm still n00b whoarding in GE. I'm at about 400 points now. Not great, but I'll get those 600 points eventually

CSU is ghey, but I'll survive the classes. Now that I'm not a performance major anymore, I'll have more time to "study."

» (No Subject)
At the moment, I'm pretty stoked for classes to start up again. I have dam 00 207 in my pocket, new textbooks that I got used, Office Space on DVD, and a 73-67 win by the CSU mens basketball team. Tuesday is gonna be pretty shocking as well, because I've had about a month off from school. I'm not really looking for ward to the Math and College Comp classes, but I'll survive at least (one incomplete, one new class for math mods, and College Comp is Gen Ed class, so I'll be surrounded by students, hopefully of the hot female variety ;) ).

I've changed majors. Piano is fun, but I'm not so much into piano that I want to practice 4 hours a day on it. Plus, I get more money if I play piano at fancy restaurants than with symphonies, not to mention all the people I'll meet. :)

On the Goldeneye topic, I've already stated I jsut got 207 on Dam 00, officially knocking Adam, Harvey, and Peter from the Leaderboard. Personally, it's bittersweet, because it's a great time, but I can still go faster if I play another 5 hours, and Alex ruined my vibe by getting it about 14 hours after I did. I guess someone can't take a n00b owning ONE of his times. Sheesh. Oh well, Good job on that time Alex, but don't expect me to settle with 207 now. ;)

Well, my birthday is on Feb. 8, so I'm trying to get feasible ideas for the big 1-8. I'm trying to avoid anything that'll put me in jail/get me STD'd.

Also, I strongly urge anyone to get UT 2004. The game is great, as it has all of the previous versions and more on 6 discs and 1.5 GB. Maybe some of you already have it. Contact me when you feel in the mood to beat me at it.

My Favorites as of right now:

Author: Grisham, The Complete FarSide
Music: Propellerheads
Game: Goldeneye, Unreal Tournament 2004
Football: Broncos
People: Girls (duh)
Piano Music: Rachmaninoff
Upcoming Class: German 2

With that, I'm off to watch to the Odd Couple. Peace out all. And remember, only I can wish I were famous. ;p
» (No Subject)
Cross-posted from comeasur337

Epicly Long X-mas PostCollapse )
» first blog ever
Apart from the countless hours of Frigate and Surface 2, I've been very inactive in my life. Since the school semester ended on friday, I've gone into lazy mode. I've finished my piano final, and it was far below average. I think I my have failed that one, but I think I passed all of my other finals with flying colors.

I first discovered the-elite.net through a really old board called GameTalk. There was a link saying that this site had all of the Goldeneye and Perfect Dark levels done quickly. So I wandered on over there, and became transfixed with one level: Archives 16. I was amazed at what took me over a minute to do, Bosshardt could do in a fraction of the time. Months later, I went back to the site, and decided to look at other videos. I discovered the runway movies. I personally considered myself as awesome at runway, so I thought I could become instantly famous by becoming really good at runway really fast. It shocked me that after three hours of playing, I could only get a pointless time of 26 on Agent. It was then that I decided to join...

Ramble ramble, to be continued.

Quickly some personal stuff: I lived in Colorado since preschool, and left after freshman year at high school. I moved to a dinky little farmtown called Pullman, with it's only claim to fame being WSU. Since my previous high school had IB, and pullman didn't, the principle said that he no more classes to give me after junior year, and let me graduate 1 year early. I'm currently attending CSU, back in Fort Collins, where I've lived most of my life. I've played piano since 1st grade (almost 12 years!).


» Ultimate Game Rage
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